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non-consensual ownership

36yo owned slave. failure to obey Master will result in increasingly intensive personal exposure on THIS blog.

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It's All About Power

It’s All About Power.

I am an Alpha. I deserve power.

You are a faggot.  You are inherently inferior.

A faggot can never be free until it accepts its natural place.

Any power that a faggot possesses needs to be stripped away.

As an Alpha, it is my duty to take power and put a faggot in its place.

Sex is Power.

As a faggot, you should have no control over sex.  

You need to strip naked, kneel on the floor, and offer your whole body to any Alpha who demands it.

As an Alpha, I have the unquestioned right to use you whenever, wherever, however I want.

I will fuck you, degrade you and whore you out.

Deep down, you know that you need to surrender all sexual power to me.  

Ego is Power.

You must learn that as a faggot, you are inferior to Alphas in every way.

When in the presence of a Superior Man, the faggot surrenders everything.  Even its name.

You will call me Sir.  I will call you faggot.

I will fuck you in front of other men so everyone will see what you are.

I will purposely use you in degrading, demeaning, humiliating ways.  You will sob with shame as the feeling of inferiority sweeps over you. 

You will willingly surrender the last vestiges of your ego and self-worth.

Privacy is Power.

A faggot deserves nothing that isn’t expressly permitted by an Alpha.

You will strip whenever I order.  Your Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and other passwords will be given to me.  You will upload tracking software to your phone and laptop. I will have all the contact info from your address book to everyone you know.  You will submit to whatever pictures and video I want from you.  I will post them online.

I will control every aspect of your life.

Money is Power.

Money is the ultimate symbol of power.  A faggot needs to surrender power.  So a true faggot understands that it will need to surrender everything.

You will give me access to all of your online banking accounts.

You will surrender your paycheck to me. 

Your car and home will be retitled in my name.

Your savings accounts will be transferred to me.

Your retirement accounts will be mine. 

I will max out your credit cards.

My goal is to take everything from you.

In the end, you will kneel before me broken, degraded, used and powerless.

At that moment, you will fully embrace that this is not a phase, or a kink, or play... it’s who you are. Being in the presence of an Alpha MAN on you knees, your boy dick locked up, your faggot ass sore and red, your face covered in spit and cum, SERVING... is the only thing that feels right. It’s the only thing that motivates you, that seems to make any sense.

Now you see the truth. You see yourself. You can be free to really enjoy your purpose. Now you can be you... faggot. 


When a faggot Surrenders All Power,

Then it Can Truly Be Free


The omega fag feels perfectly comfortable kneeling prostrate before Alpha Males. The omega fag understands and appreciates the role it plays in the Male Hierarchy. It provides a necessary service to its superiors. 

No fucking hole is ever big enough to meet the needs of Real Man!  no fagot s hole has a breakthrough limit

Nessun cazzo di buco è  mai abbastanza grande da soddisfare le necessità dei Veri maschi,  nessun buco di frocio ha limite di sfondamento